VISUAL PRIVAT TURNAROUND COACHING - Focus: Your unsolvable life challenge💫

VISUAL PRIVAT TURNAROUND COACHING - Focus: Your unsolvable life challenge💫
WE find the solution to your challenging situation in an interactive VISUAL TURNAROUND PROCESS
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"My VISUAL life experience BEYOND DUAL SEPARATION in the HERE & NOW is a decisive advantage in my coaching. With the inspiration of my VISUAL TALENT (👉Link) we will find the solution to your "supposedly" unsolvable professional and life challenge and TURN YOUR WHOLE LIFE AROUND."

Hans, ☀Sevilla💃 2024
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Turning your life around is basically very easy with a sound STRATEGY - as long as you manage to look at the "chessboard of your own life“ from a SELF-protective emotional distance
We turn your difficult life situation around

For example, you are facing a conflict that is paralysing your life energy, a very complex project without any real progress, perhaps a challenging career & salary negotiation, you urgently need strategic inspiration for the sustainable competitive advantage of your business, you want to change your job or start your own business straight away, you are on the verge of a separation, feel close to burnout or simply urgently need a new balance between your many professional and private challenges NOW?

As your Turnaround Coach I use my inborn talent of visual thinking BEYOND the duality of your thoughts: you describe your challenges and I see your words as a visual image in my self. This picture is constantly changing during our mindful dialogue and ideally leads to a solution path that is completely unexpected for you.

How can I visually picture your inborn talent?
It's simple: I wake up every morning embedded in a nondual visual image of my external environment. There is no time inside me, I feel connected to everything supposedly outside and there is no stress, no problems and also no worries. This changing image accompanies me through the day in my background. All the verbal words I hear flow directly into me visually. My visual strategic inspirations result from this flowing visual image within me. According to Bateson & Piaget, this non-dual state of life is quite normal for children; until shortly before the age of 8, it is their daily experienced, connected reality of life. Only then does adult dual thinking take shape, which then develops in our circle of life according to Bateson & Piaget first further and further away from our SELF, in order to then - sometimes sooner, sometimes later, often suddenly - but at the latest shortly before the end of our lives, flows back into nonduality. For a deeper insight, I also recommend the book "FREEDOM from the KNOWN" by Jiddu Krishnamurti. It was probably therefore no wonder that my beloved mother was a primary school teacher all her life. A Zen master friend once very wisely told me: "I learn every day from my six-year-old daughter"
=> Take a MINDFUL look at the best movies of all time and think carefully about WHY some of the best of 1000 films take the inspiring nondual visual view of children under 8 years of age, Link HERE!🤸💫
  • In the first 30 minutes that we spend online via Zoom, the first solution-orientated facets are interactively designed. You name what is bothering you, I ask you concrete questions - sometimes quite provocative coaching questions - and then I give you first visual solution inspirations.
  • Since my childhood I have received inspiring VISUAL SOLUTIONS (👉Link) for highly complex challenges from my "QUANTUM BODY", especially overnight these images continue to develop (Quantum Body: The New Science of Living a Longer, Healthier, More Vital Life (Hardcover) | Harvard Book Store). My non-dual visual talent finds the solution to your dual-causally unsolvable challenge through an ARTISTIC-VISUAL HYPERFOCUS PROCESS. This creative process is, as with artists, purely sequential: just as a painter can only cover a new blank canvas with colour once he has completed his current work, so my creative-connected SELF in the background can only devote itself exclusively to ONE visual solution process at a time.
  • One day later, we adapt this visual solution to your challenging work and life situation in our final 30-minute interactive process via Zoom and illuminate your turnaround path.

I only charge you 2 working hours for this short visual solution process described above, although my visual talent is dedicated to your task non-stop in this artistic-creative hyperfocus process in the background between our Zoom sessions.

In my more than 30 years of professional experience, I have seen time and again that all human beings have the fundamental potential to open up their minds and face their reality resolutely - especially in very challenging or even life-threatening situations. You will be able to turn your whole life around when your thinking BRAIN is in harmony with your connected SELF and both together are ready to decide, act and then GO your own way with full determination!

"Love it, change it, or leave it - but don't complain!"
...very wise words from my personal conversation with Dr Reinhard K. Sprenger in Munich, 2014
Michael Bachmann, Partner Executive Search & Leadership Advisory, Witena AG, CH-Zürich 2019
Is this possible in every life situation?

From an emotional point of view, your life situation may be a big challenge, especially for your heart, but...

EVERY life situation, no matter how messed up it is, can be turned around with a good strategy and a lot of courage from YOU!

All you need to do is find time and a safe place to analyse your situation in all its facets beyond emotional entanglements, almost as if you were looking at your life like a chessboard from an emotional distance. You need to detach your inner supporting leg from this confusing chessboard so that you only have to act with your free leg. To design your sustainably successful turnaround strategy, you also need your inner voice, your intuition. Then all you have to do is decide wholeheartedly in favour of the optimal strategy and follow it with courage and determination.

What should a manager do when the complexity of his tasks is so great that his dual-causal, time-based thinking and his limited brain reach their limits?

This was the learning objective when I spent five years coaching advanced managers in Managerial Decision Making as part of the Advanced Management Programme at Pfizer. "You can calmly decide with your gut if you have previously racked your brain": This insight goes back to the Nobel Prize winner Daniel Kahnemann from Princeton University. During my 7 years as a management trainer for key account management at the Swiss Centre for Corporate Management (ZfU), I conducted the following multi-year experiment on the percentage-weighted importance of "ratio, intuition & external advice" in highly complex decision-making processes:

Even in supposedly completely hopeless situations, e.g. in the context of a very serious illness with no prospect of recovery, I have experienced that gaining a new positive perspective is possible and immensely valuable: Ever since I accompanied my own beloved father for months as he was dying after a completely unexpected cancer diagnosis - and once again realised that my nature does not know the slightest fear of death - I have offered my support as a companion and coach even in such extremely challenging life situations.

International large group coaching sessions over 3 days on the topic "AWAKE! - YOU design your life & career strategy YOURSELF and go your way with determination", Barcelona & Tarragona, 2018-2020
"Stop trying to fit in!
when you were born to stand out."

Roy T. Bennett, The Light in the Heart: Inspirational Thoughts for Living your Best Life
Hourly Rate & Contact

We negotiate my bilaterally fair hourly rate as your "VISUAL Privat Turnaround Coach“ in our first Zoom video conference depending on 1) your value creation potential (your interest) and 2) the level of exciting challenges in our joint project (my interest). You have no financial risk whatsoever: You remunerate my services exclusively on the basis of your customer satisfaction, i.e. before invoicing YOU evaluate your additional added value that my visual talent has generated for you.

Of course, my visual talent is happy when I can fully focus on "HEARING, SEEING visual solutions and SPEAKING from those visual images". When new clients book me on your proactive referral, I share my earnings from that coaching engagement with you on a 50/50 basis as a thank you for taking on my acquisition. For you as an empathetic, proactive referrer, this is a unique offer: If you successfully recommend me to two new clients after a very satisfying coaching process for you, your own coaching process could be cost-neutral in retrospect.
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You can always reach me by PHONE from 13:30-14:00 CET. As a combination of auditory and visual input is ideal for my special gift of VISUAL THINKING(👉Link), also offer a VISUAL CONTACT TIME via Zoom every Friday: You can meet me visually at any time during this dispositive Zoom time without an appointment: Every Friday from 13:30-14:00 CET. I very much look forward to meeting & inspiring you here: Zoom Meeting ID: 286 632 4328, Passcode: Sevilla

📞&💬: +34 620 611 130 daily 13.30-14.00 CET incl. weekends - during this time my assistant Esperanza Macarena plans my VISUAL online coaching sessions via Zoom every day, which - globally customer-centred - can be booked at any time between 5.00 a.m. (Asia) and 10.00 p.m. (USA) 👉 Link Time Difference Calculator
If, exceptionally, you can't reach me during my availability hours, I'm sure the next day will work. Thank you🍀

LinkedIn: Hansjörg Stephan

Monthly Career & Life Strategy Q&A

Using my special VISUAL talent (link here), I offer an open & free "Career & Life Strategy Q&A" online via Zoom in English every month - always on the 27th of each month from 14.00-15.00 CET. You are welcome to drop in without obligation and unannounced: Zoom Meeting ID: 286 632 4328, Passcode: Sevilla,

  • SELF-protecting energy recovery techniques for your valuable daily life (20 min):
    Breath-focused techniques for mind and body to reduce your stress, problems & worries and to increase your daily felt life energy in a rapidly changing world (automation, digitalisation, AI...?). These techniques form the inner prerequisite for your daily creative flow and the implementation of your empowered career & life strategy.
  • You ask, I answer VISUALLY (40 min):
    Visual inspirations for your current challenging business & life situation or questions about the design and the implementation of your career & life strategy.

Afterwards I will answer all your questions about an ancient circular energy breathing technique called „The Secret of the Golden Flower“ that gives you new life energy every day and makes your SELF more and more INDEPENDENT from your outer life circumstances and the actions of other people around you if you use it daily - this means that you maintain this protective, energy-sustaining inner meditative state in the background of your everyday life. It has been an essential part of my daily life for decades and I teach this method in long-term coaching processes:

This 1200 year old, profoundly wise SELF-discovery and SELF-anchoring method from the Tang Dynasty (618-907 AD.) was first translated into German in 1929 by Richard Wilhem & C.G. Jung under the name "Das Geheimnis der Goldenen Blüte". Only 2 years later, in 1931, "The Secret of the Golden Flower" was published in English. My SELF first came into contact with this method in 1989 when I came across the Spanish edition of "El Secreto de la Flor del Oro" during my year of study in Sevilla (Andalusia, Spain). Today, this method is an irreplaceable part of my BEING and always accompanies the daily experience of my wonderful life in the background. How is this possible? In contrast to conventional meditation techniques, you can practise this method not only sitting, but also lying down and standing - with increasing practice after 3-12 months, this meditative state even remains permanently in the background of your everyday life. It is therefore particularly suitable for Westerners who find conventional sitting meditation with crossed legs difficult. It is best for advanced practitioners to combine this circular breathing & essence light contemplation method with QiGong (focus: balance of body & mind) and effective mindfulness techniques (focus: own truthfulness & presence). It is possible from my own experience to make the perceived joy of life in one's SELF highly independent of external life circumstances and the actions of other people within one year.

Here you can listen to an Audible extract of confirmatory SELF experience during this daily energy-sustaining circular breathing meditation, which is an indispensable part of my wonderful life:

Confirmatory SELF experience while meditating🧘💫
I also introduce this energy-preserving meditative state of your BEING in the background of your everyday life in this monthly online circle in German at the Swiss Open Mind Academy. Link here

You can enter our Zoom meeting room until 14.05 CET. If our Zoom meeting cannot take place, you find it here: Next 27.8.

Your participation is completely non-binding and free of charge. You can find my more intensive visual coaching offers under the blue button on the right. If you want to become a "Crowdfunder for the young generation", you can find that in my Bronze membership offer for only €3.30 per month.

"From a very small insight into my situation, Hans drew an amazingly accurate picture of what makes me tick at the moment. With his personal evaluation afterwards, he not only gave me the continuation of the picture, but also a powerful tool that I had not heard of before. Very impressive support in the process of my own development."
Gisela, February 2023
Joy of life in the here & now BEYOND stress, problems & worries - the topic of my monthly online session at the Swiss Open Mind Academy, Link here

Do you speak German? At the Swiss Open Mind Academy I'm holding monthly Zoom meetings in small groups on the topic "JOY OF LIFE🤸 - From Stress, Problems & Worries to your creative FLOW in the HERE & NOW💫". Dates until 2025: Link here

"Hans and I never met in a worldly way. He knew nothing about me at all. I sent him my question as a voice message. Two messages came back from him, in figurative language and drawn from an immeasurable vastness - simply wonderful. I sent a very general question and did not expect any "life help". His words on the voice message opened floodgates and gateways in me, so that later in everyday life I could suddenly receive great messages within myself. I thank Hans from the bottom of my heart!"
Aline, January 2023
Selected References

"The seminars with Hansjörg Stephan were top and very inspiring!"
Andreas Mitterdorfer, CEO Polygena Group 2015

"You brought the content across in a refreshing way and confronted our team with good as well as constructive questions, the answers to which will take us even further forward."
Wolfgang Flaitz, Credit Suisse (Switzerland), Head of LSC Groups and Treasury Centers, 2014

"Hansjörg Stephan responds very well to the individual challenges of the participants and convinces with competence and professionalism."
Sandra Graf, Head of Key Account Germany, Marc O'Polo International AG, D-Stephanskirchen, 2013

"Hansjörg Stephan is a professional who knows how to convince seminar participants with his excellent understanding of the subject matter and high practical relevance."
Marc Schönholzer, Director National Accounts & Sales, Kelly Services SA (Switzerland), CH-Neuchâtel, 2011

"Very interesting, directly applicable, very likeable. Mr Stephan was not only a trainer and coach, he knows what he is talking about" J.P. Sauer & Sohn GmbH, Isny, 2009

"Recommendable intensive coaching for all those who no longer want to let the potentials in their sales remain dormant."
Hubert Andrejewski, Business and Sales Management, Alutronic Kühlkörpern, D-Halver, 2008

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Selected Management Trainings & Coachings since 2001

Business Coach for Negotiation Techniques, Prof. Dr. Jack Nasher Negotiation Institute, Munich 2014-2017

Head of Management Education and development of programmes "Business Coach MBS" & "Luxury Business Management", Munich Business School 2012-2014:

Management Trainer for Managerial Decision Making, Advanced Management Program Pfizer 2003-2007

Management Trainer for "Market-oriented corporate management and marketing management", University of Mannheim & Homburg & Partner 2000-2007 and VWA Mannheim 2001-2004

Doctoral student at the Department of Marketing at the University of Mannheim, 2001-2007, dissertation thesis on "Teamselling in Business-to-Business Business Relationships" completed in the first version, collaboration on the joint publication of the book "Marketing Management" - thank you, Prof. Dr. Christian Homburg.