Monthly Zoom “Career & Life Strategy Q&A“ BEYOND your challenging life situation🤸💫

Monthly Zoom “Career & Life Strategy Q&A“ BEYOND your challenging life situation🤸💫
Let's create a space for your SELF and design your SELF response🕴💫
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👉Here you find a questionnaire for your SELF-Assessment: Link
"VISUAL COACHING": WE FIND the solution to your challenging situation in an interactive visual process

Steve Jobs said very wisely in his famous Stanford speech (link here: 43M views👌) that you should follow your heart ♥️ and intuition ✨on your strategic path into the future, because the strategic logic of your life path only emerges when you look back from the future. Since Albert Einstein's theory of relativity (1905 & 1915) and Werner Heisenberg's uncertainty principle (1927), we have known that both the dual separation and time only supposedly exist, i.e. both exist in the perception of most people and at the same time neither exists: I myself perceive neither duality nor time - the same was true for Einstein. From my very special visual-connected point of view, it is possible to develop a strategy for you that is characterised by "true transcendental sustainability beyond duality and time". Do you believe in miracles? Then let my visual talent inspire you for your SELF!

Using my special VISUAL TALENT (👉Link), I offer an open & free "Career & Life Strategy Q&A" online via Zoom in English every month - always on the 27th of each month from 14.00-15.00 CET. You are welcome to drop in without obligation and unannounced: Zoom Meeting ID: 286 632 4328, Passcode: Sevilla, Link here, Agenda:

  • SELF-protecting energy recovery techniques for your valuable daily life (20 min):
    Breath-focused techniques for mind and body to reduce your stress, problems & worries and to increase your daily felt life energy in a rapidly changing world (automation, digitalisation, AI...?). These techniques form the inner prerequisite for your daily creative flow and the implementation of your empowered career & life strategy.
  • You ask, I answer VISUALLY (40 min):
    Visual inspirations for your current challenging business & life situation or questions about the design and the implementation of your career & life strategy.

Afterwards I will answer all your questions about an ancient circular breathing & essence light contemplation method called „The Secret of the Golden Flower“ that makes your SELF more and more INDEPENDENT from your outer life circumstances and the actions of other people around you if you use it daily - this means that you maintain this protective, energy-sustaining inner meditative state in the background of your everyday life. It has been an essential part of my daily life for decades and I teach this method in long-term coaching processes.

This 1200 year old, profoundly wise SELF-discovery and SELF-anchoring method from the Tang Dynasty (618-907 AD.) was first translated into German in 1929 by Richard Wilhem & C.G. Jung under the name "Das Geheimnis der Goldenen Blüte". Only 2 years later, in 1931, "The Secret of the Golden Flower" was published in English. My SELF first came into contact with this method in 1989 when I came across the Spanish edition of "El Secreto de la Flor del Oro" during my year of study in Sevilla (Andalusia, Spain). Today, this method is an irreplaceable part of my BEING and always accompanies the daily experience of my wonderful life in the background. How is this possible? In contrast to conventional meditation techniques, you can practise this method not only sitting, but also lying down and standing - with increasing practice after 3-12 months, this meditative state even remains permanently in the background of your everyday life. It is therefore particularly suitable for Westerners who find conventional sitting meditation with crossed legs difficult. It is best for advanced practitioners to combine this circular breathing & essence light contemplation method with QiGong (focus: balance of body & mind) and effective mindfulness techniques (focus: own truthfulness & presence). It is possible from my own experience to make the perceived joy of life in one's SELF highly independent of external life circumstances and the actions of other people within one year.

Here you can listen to an Audible extract of confirmatory SELF experience during this daily energy-sustaining circular breathing meditation, which is an indispensable part of my wonderful life:

Confirmatory SELF experience while meditating🧘💫
I also introduce this energy-preserving meditative state of your BEING in the background of your everyday life in this monthly online circle in German at the Swiss Open Mind Academy. Link here

You can enter our Zoom meeting room until 14.05 CET. If our Zoom meeting cannot take place, you find it here: Next 27.6.

Your participation is completely non-binding and free of charge. You can find my more intensive visual coaching offers under the blue button on the right. If you want to become a "Crowdfunder for the young generation" - incl. access to my posts "Inspirations BEYOND the Duality of Thought" - you can find that in my Bronze membership offer for only €3.30 per month.

Thank you for your kind PROACTIVE RECOMMENDATION around the world🌍💫

"From a very small insight into my situation, Hans drew an amazingly accurate picture of what makes me tick at the moment. With his personal evaluation afterwards, he not only gave me the continuation of the picture, but also a powerful tool that I had not heard of before. Very impressive support in the process of my own development."
Gisela, February 2023
"Hans and I never met in a worldly way. He knew nothing about me at all. I sent him my question as a voice message. Two messages came back from him, in figurative language and drawn from an immeasurable vastness - simply wonderful. I sent a very general question and did not expect any "life help". His words on the voice message opened floodgates and gateways in me, so that later in everyday life I could suddenly receive great messages within myself. I thank Hans from the bottom of my heart!"
Aline, January 2023

Do you speak GERMAN? I cooperate with the Swiss Open Mind Academy. I offer monthly Zoom meetings in small groups of 4 participants on the topic "From Stress, Problems & Worries to your creative FLOW in the HERE & NOW" in German until 2024: Link here

Joy of life in the here & now BEYOND stress, problems & worries - the topic of my monthly online session at the Swiss Open Mind Academy

You can reach me DAILY BY PHONE, including SATURDAY and SUNDAY from 13:30-14:00 CET. As a combination of auditory and visual input is ideal for my special gift of VISUAL thinking, I also offer a VISUAL CONTACT TIME via Zoom every Friday: You can meet me visually at any time during this dispositive Zoom time without an appointment: Every Friday from 13:30-14:00 CET. I very much look forward to meeting & inspiring you here: Zoom Meeting ID: 286 632 4328, Passcode: Sevilla

📞&💬: +34 620 611 130 daily 13.30-14.00 CET incl. weekends - during this time my assistant Esperanza Macarena plans my VISUAL online coaching sessions via Zoom every day, which - globally customer-centred - can be booked at any time between 5.00 a.m. (Asia) and 10.00 p.m. (USA) 👉 Link Time Difference Calculator
If, exceptionally, you can't reach me during my availability hours, I'm sure the next day will work. Thank you🍀

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