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"My VISUAL life experience BEYOND DUAL SEPARATION in the HERE & NOW is a decisive advantage in my coaching. With the inspiration of my VISUAL TALENT (👉Link) we will find the solution to your "supposedly“ unsolvable professional & life challenge."
Hans, ☀Sevilla💃 2024
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Together with my daughter Linda on the beach of Isla Cristina at Easter in Andalusia 2023
"The best moments usually occur when a person’s body or mind is stretched to its limits in a voluntary effort to accomplish something difficult and worthwhile."💫
Flow - the Psychology of Optimal Experience,
Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, 1991

This is the introductory quote to my PhD Thesis on my passionate topics Teams, Flow & B2B Business Relationships, on which I was allowed to do research for many years while I was working as a part-time doctoral student at the Chair of Business-to-Business Marketing, Sales & Pricing, University of Mannheim. I deliberately never published this work, as my research findings have formed the basis for my work as a strategy business coach since 2005. It is only now, 18 years later, that I have decided to publish here an extract from my research findings. I will be grateful all my life to my esteemed doctoral supervisor, Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. mult. Christian Homburg - in the current AMA ranking, he is ranked 4th worldwide for his research productivity between 2011 and 2021 in the most influential marketing journals - who gave me his very positive feedback on the last page of...

My Doctoral Thesis
"TEAM Selling in Business-to-Business Relationships"
Determinants relevant to success in enabling FLOW at intra-personal level (empowered capabilities), inter-personal level (cross-functional teams) and inter-organisational level (B2B-KAM relationships), University of Mannheim, Chair of Business-to-Business Marketing, Sales & Pricing, 2001-2007
The Benefit of FLOW

In positive psychology, a flow state, also known colloquially as being in the zone, is the mental state in which a person performing some activity is fully immersed in a feeling of energized focus, full involvement, and enjoyment in the process of the activity. In essence, flow is characterized by the complete absorption in what one does, and a resulting transformation in one's sense of time.

Jeanne Nakamura and Csíkszentmihályi identify the following six factors as encompassing an experience of FLOW: 1) Intense and focused concentration on the present moment, 2) merging of action and awareness, 3) a loss of reflective self-consciousness, 4) a sense of personal control or agency over the situation or activity, 5) a distortion of temporal experience, as one's subjective experience of time is altered, 6) experience of the activity as intrinsically rewarding, also referred to as autotelic experience.

"Think Different!" by Steve Jobs, at the beginning of Apple's turnaround, 1997.

Steve Jobs said very wisely in his famous Stanford speech (link here: 43M views👌) that you should follow your heart ♥️ and intuition ✨on your strategic path into the future, because the strategic logic of your life path only emerges when you look back from the future. Since Albert Einstein's theory of relativity (1905 & 1915) and Werner Heisenberg's uncertainty principle (1927), we have known that both the dual separation and time only supposedly exist, i.e. both exist in the perception of most people and at the same time neither exists: I myself perceive neither duality nor time - the same was true for Einstein. From my very special visual-connected point of view, it is possible to develop a strategy for you that is characterised by "true transcendental sustainability beyond duality and time". Do you believe in miracles? Then let my visual talent inspire you for your SELF!

My Business Focus

Working as an Industrial Engineer (KIT), Strategy Business Coach (MBS) & Inspiring Sales Consultant, I live in Sevilla (Andalusia, Spain) and in Prien am Chiemsee (Bavaria, Germany). Based on more than 30 years of professional experience and my special VISUAL talent, I coach executive teams of medium-sized companies worldwide in their SME Strategy Development. I combine my special VISUAL strategic talent...

The "DESIGN ART" of VISUAL Strategy Executive Coaching - "🖍️as simple as possible, but no simpler💫", Albert Einstein, Source: Shirlaws London, where I learned the ART of VISUAL Strategy Executive Coaching in 2012 with 30 children's crayons - for this I will always be very grateful: Thank you Shirlaws, you are simply great!🖍️�

...with a classic approach to strategy development that has proven itself in more than 400 international SME strategy projects. This approach was developed together with a major international Swiss bank so that the resulting corporate strategy also contains all the necessary aspects for their financing. In addition, I coach employees in Critical Business Situations and in their Career & Life Strategy, of which I have more than 400 successfully completed.

My business coaching can be easily and flexibly integrated into your projects - ideally online via Zoom in English, German, Spanish and French. I cooperate closely with the Swiss Open Mind Academy on the topics of "SME Strategy Executive Coaching" and "Critical Business Situation Coaching" - very close to my childhood, which I spent in the Black Forest on the border with my beloved Switzerland.

My biggest passionate hobby is teaching to always very positively inspiring young master students, mostly part-time young managers. I have 4 international teaching assignments in two part-time Master's programmes for managers at the German FAU University of Erlangen-Nuremberg on "Personal Selling - Career & Life Strategies for the Brand I" and in the Master for Design & Product Management at the Austrian FHS Salzburg University of Applied Sciences on "Advanced Marketing & Sales - Career & Life Strategies for the Brand I" and on "Neuro-Marketing & Neuro-Sales - Inspirations BEYOND the duality of thinking to enable FLOW."

My VISUAL Talent
Life advised me from the beginning to give up operational things. In return, life equipped me with the following capabilities:

I think divergently and non-verbally. In the conversations with my coachees, their words immediately transform into a visual image that I see inside me and that constantly changes during our dialogue. Finding a strategic solution for you is relatively easy for me when I mindfully look at this changing visual picture of your challenging business & life situation that I spontaneously see in myself.

Michael Bachmann, Partner Executive Search & Leadership Advisory, Witena AG, CH-Zürich 2019

Since childhood I have experienced myself in a nondual connectedness, that is, not clearly separated from "apparently" external people and objects. Most people seem to experience themselves as separate from their environment and consequently often think in dual categories: black or white, right or wrong, me or you, friend or enemy, I am doing this in order to, etc. I feel that my daily nondual experience is the greatest gift in my life.

I have access to a field in which all the valuable experiences of my whole life are stored at the same time. I see this visual field of simultaneity within me and always feel connected to it in my daily here and now. Most people seem to experience themselves on a timeline from birth to death. My timeless awareness is another great gift of my life. Because of this timeless perception, I cannot feel the slightest fear of death. Being born into life is the most wonderful gift for which I am deeply grateful every day!

My true SELF is a place connected to everything, which I always perceive at the level of my solar plexus. From this point, I also view the changeable facets of your complex strategic challenges from a visual meta-perspective - just as the samurai Miyamoto Musashi describes the success factor of his "meta-perspective" in his classic guide to strategic action "THE BOOK OF THE FIVE RINGS".

My VISUAL THANKS go to the wonderful technological development: iPad Pro, Google, Audible, MUBI, Zoom, Chat GPD, AI,...🙏

The technological development suits my very narrow ability spectrum "1) LISTENING, 2) SEEING inspiring visual solutions in pictures📸 & 3) SPEAKING from these visual solution pictures" very well. I can now have my beloved daily newspaper, the NZZ, read to me. Audible gives me, as a master listener, around 120 hours of listening pleasure a month. Alexa is optimised to read Kindle books to me, which I use intensively every day. In my Strategy Coaching sessions via Zoom, I can largely focus on my nondual visual talent and avoid dual activities as much as possible. My favourite app MUBI provides me with wonderful visual experiences in original language from all over the world on a daily basis....🙏

Yet it used to be quite different: In the first 3 years at grammar school, I was always at risk of being promoted due to my written-verbal limitations in German and English. For years, both teachers strongly advised my father to go to a special school, which he, as the managing director of a road construction company, was fortunately always able to refuse. These teachers were, of course, completely flabbergasted when my maths teacher asked me to teach several students a week at the age of only 13 because of my exceptional VISUAL Mathematical Skills - my first self-earned money.

Nevertheless, my NONDUAL Visual Talent has also very often led to incredulous head-shaking: My MATHS teacher at the Jesuit boarding school Kolleg St. Blasien, Mr Bruchmann, was desperate to know how I had come up with the ingenious mathematical proof that led to the best grade in school, my 1.0 in the maths A-levels. When I said that I had simply SEEN the solution VISUALLY, his interest quickly evaporated. My student friend Florian Zettelmeyer, today one of the most renowned marketing professors in the USA, was surprised at my straight 1.0 in our most difficult PHYSICS exam during our joint undergraduate studies in industrial engineering in Karlsruhe, for which we had prepared together. He said: "You can't write a 1.0 in this exam" and he was right - I simply SAW the solution VISUALLY. Stories like these have accompanied my special visual talent throughout my life, to this day....

I love drawing the colourful strategy solution picture on a flipchart in the morning with 20 colourful Neuland BigOne pens, which I suddenly SEE in myself when I wake up: For example, at the Outlook strategy workshop for the Swiss company SwissStop - incredulous amazement is always pre-programmed...

3 months VISUAL STRATEGY COACHING for the wonderful Swiss company SwissStop, part of the French Borflex Group - pictured here with my new bike & the very energetic Christian Heule, one of the best mountain bikers in the world for over 10 years.

My curious child's eye in combination with my nondual state of being provide companies with valuable suggestions for optimising their
STRATEGIC Marketing & Sales MIX:

How can I visually picture your inborn talent?
It's simple: I wake up every morning embedded in a nondual visual image of my external environment. There is no time inside me, I feel connected to everything supposedly outside and there is no stress, no problems and also no worries. This changing image accompanies me through the day in my background. All the verbal words I hear flow directly into me visually. My visual strategic inspirations result from this flowing visual image within me. According to Bateson & Piaget, this non-dual state of life is quite normal for children; until shortly before the age of 8, it is their daily experienced, connected reality of life. Only then does adult dual thinking take shape, which then develops in our circle of life according to Bateson & Piaget first further and further away from our SELF, in order to then - sometimes sooner, sometimes later, often suddenly - but at the latest shortly before the end of our lives, flows back into nonduality. For a deeper insight, I also recommend the book "FREEDOM from the KNOWN" by Jiddu Krishnamurti. It was probably therefore no wonder that my beloved mother was a primary school teacher all her life. A Zen master friend once very wisely told me: "I learn every day from my six-year-old daughter"
=> Take a MINDFUL look at the best movies of all time and think carefully about WHY some of the best of 1000 films take the inspiring nondual visual view of children under 8 years of age, Link HERE!🤸💫
I inspire, you plan & organise😉…


You can reach me daily incl. Saturday & Sunday by TELEPHONE from 13:30-14:00 CET. As a combination of auditory and visual input is ideal for my special gift of VISUAL THINKING(👉Link), I also offer a VISUAL CONTACT TIME via Zoom every Friday: You can meet me visually at any time during this dispositive Zoom time without an appointment: Every Friday from 13:30-14:00 CET. I very much look forward to meeting & inspiring you here: Zoom Meeting ID: 286 632 4328, Passcode: Sevilla

📞: +34 620 611 130 daily from 1.30 p.m. to 2 p.m. CET incl. Saturday & Sunday.
If, exceptionally, you cannot reach me, you can certainly reach me the next day.
Thank you🍀

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Our life is our greatest teacher, leading us from basic level I learning to level II learning and finally to level III & IV learning. Our precious life also constantly invites us to "rethink the common dualistic ideas about the self and the relationship between the self and the other.“
Gregory Bateson
My VISUAL Path through Life
Strategy Executive Coaching at the Feria de Abril, Sevilla 2019:
Asunción de Cantillana, Fiestas de la Subida 2019
Conil de la Frontera, New Year's Eve 2022: ¡Feliz año nuevo!
My beloved daughter "Linda" by Hansjörg Stephan Portrait Photography
The start of my self-employment after 7 years NIVEA, n, Hamburg 2000
While writing my master's thesis at the end of my studies in industrial engineering at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT)
Among my beloved sisters in good times
Alhambra - Patio de Leones, Granada 1989
Playa de Bolonia, 1989
My study & sabbatical year in Sevilla, August 1989 until Semana Santa in April 1990
My Black Forest Childhood from 1969 to 1985 in Waldshut, Titisee & St. Blasien
My nondual visual curious SEEING of our reality has never changed since childhood:
...back in my family tree
to my beloved mother
"Ulla" my beloved
Photo by Hansjörg Stephan Portrait Photography my great-grandfather
who passed on to me my gift for divergent thinking
& nondual grasping of reality in visual images
and who long ago painted
"the family tree"
of his and my beloved
🌈visual talent💫