Strategic transcendental sustainability BEYOND duality and time♥️✨

Strategic transcendental sustainability BEYOND duality and time♥️✨
"Think Different!" by Steve Jobs, at the beginning of Apple's turnaround, 1997

Steve Jobs said very wisely in his famous Stanford speech (link here: 43M views👌) that you should follow your heart ♥️ and intuition ✨on your strategic path into the future, because the strategic logic of your life path only emerges when you look back from the future. Since Albert Einstein's theory of relativity (1905 & 1915) and Werner Heisenberg's uncertainty principle (1927), we have known that both the dual separation and time only supposedly exist, i.e. both exist in the perception of most people and at the same time neither exists: I myself perceive neither duality nor time - the same was true for Einstein.

From my very special visual-connected point of view, it is possible to develop a strategy for you that is characterised by "true transcendental sustainability beyond duality and time". Do you believe in miracles? Then let my visual talent inspire you for your SELF!

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