What does my life look like BEYOND duality and time?⏰🔃

What does my life look like BEYOND duality and time?⏰🔃
What was it like for Timm Thaler when he traded the most precious gift of his life, his enchanting laughter, for wealth and power?, Kolleg St. Blasien, 1984

From time to time, I am asked by coachees what my life is like without a sense of the transience of time and without the perception of dual separateness.

I always say that they would never swap places with me, as their lives would be completely transformed and they would immediately be dependent on extensive operational, written and time-related support. However, if they had completed the exchange with me, they would never give me back this newly acquired, most valuable gift. Why? Because their new, extremely multifaceted visual perception would be unique, all the words of their counterparts would be transformed directly into visual images and they would suddenly be freed from all stress, problems and worries in one fell swoop - their external life circumstances would no longer have any influence on their deeply felt daily life satisfaction and all their fear of their own death would be blown away🍀

But after our exchange, I would probably be as sad as Timm Thaler, a boy who trades his enchanting laughter…

…to a wealthy mysterious Mephistopheles-like Baron in exchange for the ability to win any bet he makes:

„Timm Thaler or The Boy Who Sold His Laughter“
The whole story of "Timm Thaler", 2017:
I'm really very sorry, but I wouldn't trade the most precious gift of my life for anything in the world🙏

Perhaps you are now asking yourself: Is there a reliable method for slowly and gradually achieving this nondual-connected state and integrating it into your life in some way?

The answer is "YES", and this reliable method has been around for 1200 years: Link

The Secret of the Golden Flower

This 1200 year old, profoundly wise SELF-discovery and SELF-anchoring method from the Tang Dynasty (618-907 AD.) was first translated into German in 1929 by Richard Wilhem & C.G. Jung under the name "Das Geheimnis der Goldenen Blüte". Only 2 years later, in 1931, "The Secret of the Golden Flower" was published in English. My SELF first came into contact with this method in 1989 when I came across the Spanish edition of "El Secreto de la Flor del Oro" during my year of study in Sevilla (Andalusia, Spain). Today, this method is an irreplaceable part of my BEING and always accompanies the daily experience of my wonderful life in the background. How is this possible? 

In contrast to conventional meditation techniques, you can practise this method not only sitting, but also lying down and standing - with increasing practice after 3-12 months, this meditative state even remains permanently in the background of your everyday life.

It is therefore particularly suitable for Westerners who find conventional sitting meditation with crossed legs difficult. It is best for advanced practitioners to combine this circular breathing & essence light contemplation method with QiGong (focus: balance of body & mind) and effective mindfulness techniques (focus: own truthfulness & presence). It is possible from my own experience to make the perceived joy of life in one's SELF highly independent of external life circumstances and the actions of other people within one year.

Here you can listen to an Audible extract of confirmatory SELF experience during this daily energy-sustaining circular breathing meditation, which is an indispensable part of my wonderful life:

Confirmatory SELF Experiences while meditating
My SELF enjoys our precious life to the fullest BEYOND duality & time, Alhambra Granada, 1990

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