Visual Turnaround Coaching BEYOND Duality & Time⌛️💫

Visual Turnaround Coaching BEYOND Duality & Time⌛️💫
Visual Strategy Coaching & Turnaround Executive Coaching for the company SwissStop
"My VISUAL life experience BEYOND DUAL SEPARATION in the HERE & NOW is a decisive advantage in my coaching. With the inspiration of my visual talent we will find the solution to your "supposedly“ unsolvable strategic challenge."
Hans, ☀Sevilla💃 2024

📞: +49 173 4970500 daily from 1.30 p.m. to 2 p.m. CET incl. Saturday & Sunday
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From time to time, even your extraordinary turnaround skills hit a wall. Why? 

  • Because the REALITY you want to reshape only "supposedly" has 3 dimensions (>11 Dimensionen), 
  • you are only "supposedly" separated from it (Uncertainty principle)
  • and also because TIME only "supposedly" runs on a linear timeline from your birth to your "supposed" (Theory of relativity). 

My SELF experiences life visually in the here & now and has been thinking in a CONNECTING way beyond the "supposedly" separating duality since my childhood - that is also the reason why I am not afraid of death: Link

- that is my talent and also my greatest passion.

My true SELF is a place connected to everything, which I always perceive at the level of my solar plexus. From this point, I also view the changeable facets of your complex strategic challenges from a visual meta-perspective - just as the samurai Miyamoto Musashi describes the success factor of his "meta-perspective" in his classic guide to strategic action "THE BOOK OF THE FIVE RINGS".


We only need ONE HOUR of your very precious lifetime:

  • In the first 30 minutes that we spend online via Zoom, the first solution-orientated facets are interactively designed.
  • Since my childhood I have received inspiring VISUAL SOLUTIONS for highly complex challenges from my "QUANTUM BODY", especially overnight these images continue to develop (Quantum Body: The New Science of Living a Longer, Healthier, More Vital Life (Hardcover) | Harvard Book Store). My nondual visual talent finds the solution to your dual-causally unsolvable challenge through an uninterrupted artistic "HYPERFOCUS" process. This creative process is, as with artists, purely SEQUENTIAL: just as a painter can only cover a new blank canvas with colour once he has completed his current work, so my creative-connected SELF in the background can only devote itself exclusively to ONE visual solution process at a time.
  • One to two days later, we adapt this visual solution to your strategic design space in our final 30-minute interactive process via Zoom.

Interested? 📞: +49 173 4970500 daily including Saturday & Sunday 13.30-14.00 CET or spontaneously every Friday 13.30-14.00 via Zoom without prior notice:  Zoom Meeting ID: 286 632 4328, Passcode: Sevilla

Michael Bachmann, Partner Witena Executive Search & Leadership Advisory, Witena AG, CH-Zürich 2019
Pricing & Contact
"Hans, you should make your pricing success-dependent: Thanks to your tip to renegotiate ALL critical sales prices for OEMs with high power asymmetry during our last turnaround coaching, I saved CHF 1.5 million at my critical SMEs (automotive suppliers) in just 2 months."
Andreas Mitterdorfer, then CEO of Swiss Polygena Holding, my turnaround coaching at Nozag, ROSTA, JESA, PWB & Compounds, 12/2013-9/2015

My hourly rate as your VISUAL Strategy & Turnaround Leadership Coach is 900€ (including preparation and follow-up). You have no financial risk whatsoever: You remunerate my performance solely depending on your complete customer satisfaction (0-100%).

I only charge you 2 working hours for the visual solution process described above, although my visual talent is dedicated to your task non-stop in an artistic-creative hyperfocus process in the background between our Zoom sessions.

You can reach me daily incl. Saturday & Sunday by TELEPHONE from 13:30-14:00 CET. As a combination of auditory and visual input is ideal for my special gift of VISUAL thinking, I also offer a VISUAL CONTACT TIME via Zoom every Friday: You can meet me visually at any time during this dispositive Zoom time without an appointment: Every Friday from 13:30-14:00 CET. I very much look forward to meeting & inspiring you here: Zoom Meeting ID: 286 632 4328, Passcode: Sevilla

📞: +49 173 4970500 daily from 1.30 p.m. to 2 p.m. CET incl. Saturday & Sunday.
If, exceptionally, you cannot reach me, you can certainly reach me the next day. Thank you🍀

LinkedIn: Hansjörg Stephan

Of course, my visual talent is happy when I can fully focus on "HEARING, SEEING visual solutions and SPEAKING from those visual images". When new clients book me on your proactive referral, I share my earnings from that coaching engagement with you on a 50/50 basis as a thank you for taking on my acquisition. For you as an empathetic, proactive referrer, this is a unique offer: If you successfully recommend me to two new clients after a very satisfying coaching process for you, your own coaching process could be cost-neutral in retrospect.
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